Project Detail


The study was part of the overall Human Settlements Sector Programme aimed at strengthening human settlements management, support programmes for the urban poor and the development of the construction industry.  This study was an attempt by the UNDP to improve basic living conditions for the urban poor and to improve travel conditions and opportunities for the inhabitants of new townships constructed on the outskirts of Yangon.

The main objectives of the study can be summarized as follows :

  1. to develop low traffic engineering measures to improve the efficiency, capacity and safety of the main corridors serving the new townships;
  2. to recommend measures to improve and expand affordable public transport services to the new townships; and
  3. to review institutional arrangements and recommend changes to improve efficiency, training and further technical assistance.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

The study entailed a thorough review of existing traffic conditions, bus patronage and service provided by bus system on each bus route, condition and age of bus fleet, bus maintenance and long term replacement strategy, a thorough examination of operating costs and management structure, fare and revenue estimates and financial evaluation.  A recommended bus system development and management strategy which would meet future passenger needs was formulated together with an appropriate institutional framework.  In addition training of officials concerned with the administration of the city’s infrastructure and public services was also conducted.