Project Detail


The Ministry of Interior selected the Consultants to prepare a master plan for the development of Phichit Province in accordance with the National Provincial Development Plan.  The official concept and strategy for developing Phichit in the first period is to place emphasis on the rural areas.  There is concern for the urban area but it is given a lower priority.  The concept and strategy for the development can be summarized as follows :

Development of Rural Areas

  1. Economic development
  2. Development of production capacity
  3. Social development

Development of the Urban Area

  1. Economic development
  2. Social development
  3. Development of Public Safety
  4. Security

In the preparation of the proposed Phichit provincial plan, this process will be turned around.  Rather than deciding from the top alone what is good for the people and hopelessly trying to marshall the resources needed to achieve it without popular participation, the project will adopt a bottom-up perspective in planning and implementation.  Clearly this exercise cannot ignore national development objectives nor can it be executed otherwise than in close association with Phichit based government officials.  One important national objective it will strive to serve is that of decentralization which has figured in national plans for some time but has not yet been really implemented.

Detailed Description of Actual Services prvoided :

Consulting services include study and analysis of existing conditions of population, public utilities, land uses, communication and transportation, irrigation, sewerage and drainage system, solid waste disposal, flood protection, water resources, water of consumption, electricity, agricultural production, forestry, mining, fishery, education, public health, infrastructural facilities, industry, tourism, security and all impacts to environment; projection of the future trends of all study items; identification of the structure and relationship of the projects to be included in the Provincial Development Plan of Phichit; implementation and evaluation of the projects and plan; submission of reports and master plan for the development of Phichit Province.