Project Detail



The second phase of the project assisted LTD to implement the main recommendations of the Phase I study.  The project involved 12 person-years of input.  An extensive program of surveys of passenger characteristics was undertaken in 12 cities and of Bus license holders throughout the country.  The project developed curriculum for training of bus drivers and bus company management.  Planning methods and data-bases were developed to facilitate analysis and for forecasting purposes.  Enhancements were proposed for LTD’s Management Information System and the feasibility of a reservations and ticketing system assessed.  Bus terminal planning was undertaken, and was also undertaken on bus safety, accident compensation and enforcement.  New forms of regulation were proposed and implementation details identified Demonstration projects using local area or route associations to exercise more control over the operations of their affiliates were implemented.  A detailed program of policies, regulatory changes and investment was prepared and a sub-program developed for incorporation into the Thai 7th National Social and Economic Development Plan (1992-1996).

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

AEC provided Deputy Project Manager to assist in project management, coordination with authorities and acts as a Transport Planner of the project.  AEC also provided services on economic study, law enforcement study, system analyst, bus passenger survey and license survey.