Project Detail


A total of seven “Megaprojects” are in varying stages of development, from conceptual design to opening for traffic.  These projects include four expressways, two rail rapid transit schemes and a multimodal project including rail, mass transit and expressway elements.
The Previous Megaprojects Study completed in December 1991 identified a number of physical conflicts and cases where projects duplicate facilities or services in some corridors, and concluded that there was a need for improved coordination in the implementation of these projects to ensure that these conflicts are resolved satisfactorily.

The Megaprojects Study also recommended establishment of a clearing house to assist in the resolution of the conflicts and in the implementation of a coordinated programme of improvements.

The Office of Megaprojects (OMEGA) was subsequently established in the Office of the Commisssion for the Manage of Land Traffic (OCMLT).  OMEGA is responsible for coordination of the Megaprojects and completion of the necessary technical studies to support this activity.  These activities are being aided by an ADB loan and technical support program which constitutes the main work of the advisory team.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

Consulting services concern reviewing of previous study, setting up overall framework plan and schedule, providing technical advise on integration of mass transit, expressway, rail and bus systems, advising on concession contract negotiation, developing land development concept at metro stations, commenting on environmental impact of those Megaprojects, reassessment of project costs and commenting on viability of some Megaprojects, analysis of traffic model to assess traffic volumes and riderships on roads and metro systems, advising on public relations program, organizing seminars and training program of OCMLT and other concerned agencies.