• Industrial Development

Project Detail


Scope of work for this project are to detailed engineering design for Clinker grinding terminal and jetty for raw materials and cement transportation.  This plant covers the area of 62,000 m2 near Thi Vai river, Vietnam.  Detailed engineering design for this plant includes several buildings for cement production process and other miscellaneous buildings.   Raw materials and cement will be transported by ships while Portland cement will be transported by trucks.

Buildings and structures to be included in design are:

  • Jetty for 60,000 DWT ship
  • Framing supports for belt conveyors
  • Clinker silo 60,000 tons capacity
  • Gypsum silo for 12,000 tons capacity
  • Cement silo for 20,000 tons capacity
  • Palletizing stock building
  • Cement packing bulding
  • Barge loading building
  • Central control building
  • Cement mill building
  • Main bag filter building
  • Maintenance workshop
  • Weight bridge
  • Customer Parking
  • Truck Driver Canteen building
  • Contractor’s lounge
  • Gues dining pavilion
  • Administration building
  • Limestone & Pozzolan unloading
  • Main station
  • Emergency diesel generator room and station
  • Frame support for bins
  • Ship unloading hoppers
  • Internal road
  • Water treatment plant
  • Main gate
  • Water front