Project Detail


As the existing regional centers of the Office of Accelerated Rural Development (ARD) in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) which is responsible for 10 provincial offices presenting in number as well as in deserved provinces and Changwats the Centre with the most spacious region (eastern region) of all other comparable centers, is no longer to fulfill its tasks efficiently and in a proper manner, particularly in the south-eastern part of the central region of Thailand (Chanthaburi and Trat province)  This region suffers particularly due to its long distance to the existing regional center in Korat (more than 400 km) and due to its insolated and its politically sensible situation (Thai-Cambodia border) from insufficient infrastructure.

The Consultants is required to investigate the rationale and the viability of the proposed new regional centre in Chanthaburi which is intended to contribute to the regional development in the south-eastern region of Thailand and at the same time to improve ARD’s efficiency in implementing and maintaining of infrastructural measures.  The planned project envisages the erection and equipment of administrative buildings and workshops, storage facilities, the purchase of heavy construction machinery and office and survey equipment.

Constructing services include all the following main points :

  • Description and evaluation of the planning procedure and the selection process within the frame of rural development in Thailand and of ARD’s role.
  • Analysis of the need for infrastructural measures within the region (under consideration of private sector alternatives; contractor’s work vs. Force account work)
  • Evaluation of the institutional and organizational necessity for the erection of a new center in south-eastern Thailand.
  • Recommendations for location, size and equipment of the center.
  • Estimate of investment and running costs.
  • Proof of the economic advantages and financial viability of the new center.
  • Assessment of the need for advisory services and training.