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Detailed Narrative Descriptive of Project :

Construction Supervision of Track Doubling from Jira Junction-Khon Kaen for a length of 187 km consists of the following:

·    Construction supervision of additional railway parallel to the existing railway and most of the railway is at-grade railway except at Khon Kaen Station where the railway is a double-track elevated railway for a length of 5.4 km.

·    Supervision of installation of signaling and telecommunication system and automatic train protection system along the railway.

·    Construction supervision of 8 overpasses, 26 two way U-turn bridges and 38 box culverts.

·    Construction supervision of 84 railway bridges. 

Type of Works

1.      Construction Supervision and Construction Planning Management Stage

-          Consider, investigate, review, monitor, supervise and certify that the works conform to contract drawings, specifications, conditions and construction contract.

-          Investigate and review both administrative and technical documents which the Contractor submits as required.

-          Prepare correspondences with the Contractor on matters under the jurisdiction assignment including providing advice on matters beyond the authorized power for SRT’s approval.

-          Review contract drawings, investigate and approve shop drawings.

-          Review the Contractor’s construction schedule and monitor the progress of construction schedule, payment schedule including other relevant work schedules.

-          Investigate bill of quantities and disbursement of payment.

-          Review the Contractor’s quality control schedule and monitor the work performance.

-          Investigate and participate in the test of all material, equipment and machines, review the accuracy of test results at the site, certify test results and monitor other tests proposed by the Contractor.

-          Propose the SRT for approval if contract variation is required prior to giving permission to the Contractor to make any change.

-          Investigate, recommend the SRT and certify all matters related with partial completion certificate or periodic handover and technology transfers etc.

2.      Defect Liability Period 24 months

Diagnose the cause of defect, investigate, co-ordinate and expedite the Contractor to complete the correction and report to SRT within a specified period