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Project Detail




Detailed Narrative Descriptive of Project :


The Project is a 23-kilometer elevated heavy rail transit system with 16 elevated stations situated along the route, a depot with operation control center and 4 park and ride facilities.  The alignment of the Project starts at Khlong Bang Phai, where depot is located, continues on Kanchana Phisek Road to Bang Yai T-junction, turns left onto Rattana Tibet Road, then crossing over the Chao Phraya River in parallel southwardly with the Phra Nang Klao Bridge, passing the Nonthaburi Civic Center, then turns right onto the Tiwanon Road, and turns left onto the Krung Thep – Nonthaburi Road, crossing Wongsawang Intersection, and terminates at Tao Poon T-junction.  The connection between Tao Poon Terminal Station and Bang Sue Station of the existing Chaloem Ratchamongkol Line (Blue Line), along the Pracharat 2 Road, is also part of the Project.




Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :


·        Acting as MRTA’s Representative (Employer’s Representative).

·        Coordination with all parties in the Project.

·        Assisting the MRTA to expedite and control the construction/installation work.

·        Supervising Operators and Contractors’ activities.

·        Advising the MRTA on acceptance upon final testing, system commissioning, trial running and commercial operation.

·        Inspecting and reporting on all related works and work progress continuously.

·        Certifying all contract payments requested to the MRTA.

·        Providing contractual and legal advice with regard to the works.

·        Establishing information programs.

·        Reviewing the evaluations of the selection of Civil Work, M&E Works Contractors and to complement other MRTA Consultants services..

·        Assisting MRTA in the selection of Operators.

·        Providing recommendations for remedial measures against problems and obstacles

·        Working closely with the MRTA staff

·        Coordinate and supervise Contractors and Operators for carrying out required testing and Trial Run.

·        Monitor and review production of Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Lists of Spare Parts, Asset   lists and plans of transfer of custody to Operators.

·        Preparing necessary materials and recording minutes of meeting.

·        Establishing efficient document control system.