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AEC was attained by the Department of Highways (Thailand) and Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction ( Lao People’s Democratic Republic) to undertake construction supervision of the second Mekong international bridge project at Mukdahan in Thailand and Savannakhet in Lao PDR  The project were divided into 3 packages.

Package 1:  Consist of Bridge, Approach Viaducts and Approach Roads Works on Lao PDR and Thailand sides.

Main Bridge and Approaches (The Main Bridge is of the PC continuous box girder type with PC sail.  The structure characteristics of a PC sail is the same as the stayed cable of extradosed bridge and covered with PC.  The Bridge length is 1,600 m.  The standard span length is 80 m.  The span length at navigation channels has a longer span of 110 m., which is supported using members of PC sail tower.) including traffic changeover on Thailand side.

Package 2:  Consist of Border Control Facilities and Connecting Roads on Lao PDR side.

Connecting Road from the National Road Route No. 9 to the Lao PDR Border Control Facility approximately 2.51 kilometer in length (2 lanes) including Border Control Facility.

Package 3:  Consist of Border Control Facilities and Connecting Roads on Thailand side.

Connecting Road from the National Highway Route No. 212 to the Thailand Border Control Facility approximately 0.95 kilometer in length (4 lanes) including Border Control Facility.


The services were separated for 2 stages as pre-construction process and construction supervision.

Pre-construction Process

·         Assist and advise the clients to pre-qualify the applicants for tendering.

·         Assist the clients to evaluate and select the qualified applicants.

·         Assist the clients in preparation of tendering and evaluation for bidding.

·         Assist the clients in preparation of contract document for signing with the awarded applicant.

Construction Supervision

·         To approve the contractor’s work program and method statement.

·         To execute the construction supervision and contract administration including quality control and maintenance of the project.

·         Take measurement for payment and maintain a permanent record of all works.

·         Approve and/or issue working drawing and prepare as-built drawing

·         Certify payments for the work against the relevant Bill of Quantities.

·         To supervise the environment monitoring during the construction period.

·         Evaluate claims, disputes, extensions of time and the like.

·         Undertake the final construction inspection and prepare certification for completion of the project.


Friendship Bridge II” serves as an international link connecting the countries of Lao P.D.R. and Thailand. Moreover, the Bridge provides a spectacular view of the Mekong and, with its aesthetical combination of PC sails and a tower, gives the impression of a “Wai”: two hands joined in prayer and the greeting commonly used in Laos and Thailand that represents the Buddhist culture of both countries.


The architectural beauty of Friendship Bridge II is a result of the aesthetic balance between the straight lines of the Bridge’s box girders, as well as the tapering of the concrete piers designed to match the shape of the pile caps so as to ensure visual conformity.