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Project Detail

Feasibility Study for Railway from Chumphon-Ranong Deep Sea Port

Detailed Narrative Descriptive of Project :

The project is to undertake the feasibility study for railway from Chumphon-Ranong Deep Sea Port to develop the new railway linking Gulf of Thailand to Andaman Sea.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

Task 1  Study, survey, collect and analyze data 

-          Study, analyze, review the policy and investment strategy on infrastructure and transportation services including studying the work plans of relevant projects.

-          Collect basic data related to the project to analyze and estimate the current and future travel demand.

-          Survey and collect transportation data and problems arise in the project area.

Task 2  Design and prepare initial environmental examination report

-          Consider the feasibility of the railway line, analyze and study to select the alternative track alignments.

-          Study and undertake conceptual design or preliminary design of the alternative track alignments.

-          Study and analyze appropriate station location.

-          Undertake initial environmental examination of alternative track alignments.

-          Undertake initial land acquisition cost, construction cost and others.

-          Prepare right-of-way plan and data for land acquisition.

-          Undertake preliminary design along the best alternative track alignment.

-          Undertake preliminary design of infrastructure related to the project as necessary and appropriate.

-          Undertake preliminary land expropriation cost, property compensation cost, construction cost and others.

Task 3  Feasibility study on economics and finance and investment option

-          Undertake economical and financial analysis.

-          Prepare guidelines for public-private partnership.

-          Prepare feasibility study report for investment.

Task 4  Establish awareness process and public participation by arranging public relations and public participation activities.