• Expressways

Project Detail


This project is a concession project.  ETA has granted the concession to private sector (the Concessionaire):pg to be responsible for implementation of the Second Stage Expressway System (SES) in Bangkok. The network is about 40 kilometers in length of elevated expressway.

ETA employed a consulting engineering team (ETA’s Engineer) to technically assist ETA for checking preliminary outlined design of the SES which was proposed by the Concessionaire.  Monitor and advise ETA on the performance of every party concerned in the construction of SES.  Check and report on information provided by the Concessionaire to ensure that the construction is conformed to the teams and condition of the SES Agreement.

Since most of the expressways are in urban area, therefore right of way problems, land acquisition problems and utility relocation problems are ones of the most important problems which will be faced in this project.  Therefore very effective coordination between all concerned agencies is needed in order to accelerate the works to meet the very tight schedules.  Variation of the construction work is also an important item which will always happen in such a complex project.

Technical Assistance on the following aspects :

  • Geometric design of expressways and interchanges
  • Structural engineering
  • Land acquisition and right of way aspects
  • Coordination of utility relocation
  • Project control system/Document control system
  • Construction/Traffic Safety during construction
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Operation system (toll and surveilance)
  • Environmental aspects
  • Geotechnical Engineering and
  • Traffic Study