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Project Detail

Detailed Engineering Design of 4-Lane That Phanom Bypass


Detailed Narrative Descriptive of Project :

The project is to undertake the detailed design, preparation of tender documents and cost estimation for 4-Lane That Phanom Bypass for a total length of 9 km.   

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

1.    Survey and analyze basic engineering data

·         Review the previous feasibility study and survey along the alignment to get information for study and design.

·         Survey and analyze traffic.

-          Undertake traffic survey e.g. mid-block classified counts, traffic movement counts, origin-destination survey and traffic survey on highways and intersections at present.

-          Forecast traffic volumes by collecting necessary information for traffic model to simulate travel behavior and forecast traffic of highway networks in the project area.

-          Analyze the current and future level of service of highways or intersections.

·         Undertake alignment and leveling survey to get information for study and design and land acquisition work.

·         Undertake soil and material investigation, study settlement of embankment, recommend appropriate design and construction method, investigate appropriate source of material and sufficient for construction work and participate in material testing.

·         Undertake property survey to support the legislation of royal decree and undertake initial land acquisition    

2.    Detailed design

·         Undertake the design of elevated tollway system consisting of toll collection system, weighing system, service center, service area, rest area, traffic control and other control systems.

·         Undertake the design of roadworks.

·         Undertake the design of interchange.

·         Undertake the design of bridge structure, interchange structure, drainage structure and other structures.

·         Undertake the design of foundation and pavement structure, embankment, side slope and back slope, settlement of embankment and soil erosion protection.

·         Undertake the study of hydrology and drainage conditions in the project area and the existing sewerage system from communities that affect the highway then undertake the design of road leveling, drainage channels on the bridge and other structures including outfall accordingly.

·         Undertake the design of electrical circuit system, preparation of specifications and installation of equipment related to roadworks and buildings of the project.

·         Co-ordinate with authorities concerned, investigate and design utilities relocations.

·         Recommend appropriate construction techniques, construction stages, construction schedules, traffic management during construction and construction method.

·         Prepare detailed bill of quantities and estimate construction cost.

3.    Collect, investigate, analyze and prepare the initial environmental examination report and recommend measures to enhance and improve environmental quality.

4.    Arrange public relations and public participation activities.

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