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The 18.7 km of dual 3-lane viaduct of the Ramindra - Atnarong Expressway (RAE) will be constructed to connect with the First Stage Expressway System (FES) and Second Stage Expressway System (SES) respectively at atnarong and Rama IX Road.  The RAE starts from the FES, Bang Na - Port section at Atnarong, extending northward across Sukhumvit Road at Phra Khanong Bridge and running parallel to Khong Tan.  The  route turns northwesterly across Pattanakarn Road, Ramkhamhaeng Road to link the SES at Rama IX Road, then turns northward across Lat Phrao Road terminating at Ramindra Road.

The 13 km of dual 3-lane at grade BMA Road will comprise two separate 10 m wide carriageway with rigid pavement and 4 m wide sidewalk on the left hand side.  The route starts from the end of Soi Ekamai at Petchburi Road to join with the RAE in the vicinity of Rama IX Road and then runs parallel on both sides of and alongside the RAE route through the Ramindra Road.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

Consulting services include review of the existing studies relevant to the project, review of aerial photography and maps, ground control/photo rectification, fiele verification; conduct a topographic and drainage surveys; conduct a geotechnical and material surveys and laboratory testing; design and refinement of alignment and interchanges; design of elevated structure; study of economic comparison between rigid and flexible pavement; prepare utilities relocation; design of toll plaza and central control building including facilities; design of toll surveillance equipment and specification; lighting design traffic studies; traffic diversion from adjacent roads, traffic forecasts; review economic study; financial analysis; reports, inception report, monthly progress report, survey report, soil/material investigation report, economic comparison between rigid and flexible pavement report, consolidation report, prequalification report of contractor including preparation criteria and evaluation with recommendation; geometric design; structural design; pavement design; traffic sign and signalization; drainage design; construction sequence and scheduling; tender design; quantity and cost estimates; preparation of all tender documents including contract drawings, tender, conditions of contract, general specifications and special provisions.