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Project Detail

TRACK DOUBLING PROJECT - Pak Nam Pho-Denchai Section

Detailed Narrative Descriptive of Project :

The project is to undertake the feasibility study, detailed engineering design and environmental impact assessment of Track Doubling: Pak Nam Pho-Denchai Section with the total length of 285 km. 

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

The work is divided into 3 parts as follows:

1.   Part 1  Feasibility study on engineering, socio-economics, finance and appropriate investment guidelines

·         Reviewing the previous studies related to the project.

·         Compiling and studying the basic data related to the project.

·         Surveying and compiling transportation data and problems occurred in the study area along the track alignment.

·         Studying and reviewing the current system operation plan.

·         Forecasting the domestic passenger and freight demands and in case of abroad connection in the future.

·         Studying the feasibility of track doubling alignments, track alignment selection, track alignment transference, track and station location improvement.

·         Studying and analyzing the feasibility of station layout, container yard layout and other components.

·         Studying the road networks for service connection between rail and road systems.

·         Studying the SRT’s commercial land development and land use.

·         Preparing the system operation plan suitable for the current conditions and able to accommodate passengers and freights in the future.

·         Studying and determining the station locations, station yard and container yard.

·         Preparing the preliminary design and preliminary cost estimation.

·         Analyzing the socio-economics and finance.

·         Preparing the recommendation for private partnership.

·         Preparing the report on the feasibility study on socio-economics, finance and engineering of the project.

2.  Part 2  Detailed Design, Cost Estimation and Tender Documents

·         Surveying the track alignment.

·         Preparing the cadastral map, property plan and information for land expropriation.

·         Surveying the topography and pedology.

·         Surveying the catchment area and obstacles to drainage, analyzing and forecasting the runoff to assess the drainage capacity according to the existing construction drawings and modify the design to suit the current and future conditions.

·         Surveying, investigating and recommending the solution for level crossing problem.

·         Co-ordinating with the relevant government agencies.

·         Preparing the detailed design criteria and standards.

·         Performing the detailed engineering design in conformity to the SRT and international standards.

·         Designing the signaling and telecommunication systems including centralized traffic control, trackworks and electrical system.

·         Estimating construction cost, land and structures compensation cost.

·         Preparing the detailed work plan, construction methodology and others.

·         Preparing tender documents.

3.   Part 3  Preparing Environmental Impact Assessment Report

·         Preparing Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

·         Disseminating the project information and arranging public participation activities.