• Reilways

Project Detail



For Package 1 the existing line from Rangsit Station to Ban Phachi Junction is already double tracked and this project envisages a third track.  The line already has Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) operation with All-Relay Interlocking, but, this route is already operating at near capacity.  The variation in traffic speeds 70 kph (kilometer per hour) freight to 90 kph express trains and sprinters capable of 120 kph reduces the potential capacity.  Segregation by speed is considered necessary, hence the third track would be used either by the fastest or the slowest trains, there by freeing the existing two lines to increase the number of trains.  During rush hour the third line could be used as a parallel traffic line.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

  • Perform Topographic Survey.
  • Perform Geotechnical Survey.
  • Prepare Train Operation Plan.
  • Location of Third Track and Station Layout.
  • Signals and Telecommunications.
  • Track Design.
  • Embankment Design with ground improvement in soft soil sections.
  • Bridge, Building and Structural Design.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Tender Documentation.