• Reilways

Project Detail


  • Review the conclusion of the 1998 Parsons Brinkckerhofff’s Report on the Development on Inland container Transport Systems.
  • Assets the current needs of the market for additional ICD facilities.
  • Review the railway operational requirements.
  • Provide preliminary design and cost estimates both of Lat Krabang expansion and Onkharak ICD.
  • Provide an initial environmental examination.
  • Advise on the economic viability of providing, additional facilities.
  • Recommend the best location for the development of additional ICD facilities.
  • Advise on project implementation strategy.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

  1. Submitted the Inception Report on April 2001 contains the summary of the consultant’s mobilization and initial approach to the component tasks of the project, review the work schedule completed in the first two weeks and to outline the proposed work schedule unit the next milestone report : Interim Report; and the main subject contains the result of task 1 – Commentary on the PB Report.
  2. Interim Report submitted on May 2001 contains a resume of the comments made at the presentation of the Inception Reports by the steering committee and the Consultants’ responses to them, the results: Review of Railway Operations, Preliminary Design and included Consultants’ recommendations for the selection of the most appropriate site for development of Onkharak, the Initial Geotechnical analysis, update on the progress to date the Environmental and Legal and last section a brief summary of the methodology to be used in Economic and Financial Analysis.
  3. Draft Final Report submitted on July 2001 contains structure of the Final Report as follow.  Review and Study of the 1998 Parsons Brinckerhoff Report. Review of Current Operations, Market Requirement Survey.  Review of Railway Operating, Preliminary Design, Cost Estimates, Legal and Environmental Examination, Financial and Economic Analysis, Site Section and Project Implementation Strategy.  The Report is support by number of Appendices:  LICD Photographs, Survey Questionnaire, Thailand Export and Import Trade Details Original and Destination Survey Results, Geotechnical Survey, Site Survey Description, Land Acquisition Details, Initial Environmental Examination, Terms of Reference for Implementation and Private Sector Participation Regulations.
  4. Final Report submitted on 24 August 2001with every minor correction, one additional Appendices I Financial and Economic Analysis Source Data and Executive Summary both in English and Thai.
  5. Project Construction Cost for Lat Krabang ICD expansion is 95.99 Billion US Dollar for Ongkharak new ICD is 128.67 Billion US Dollar (1USD = 45 Baht)