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Project Detail



There are two broad study objectives, namely to determine.

  1. The potential long-term role of high-speed rail (HSR) in Thailand.
  2. Whether, and if so how, high speed rail can contribute to the integration of Bangkok with the Eastern Seaboard (ESB).

The study is to a considerable extent exploratory.  It is intended to guide long-term policy generally and contribute to short/medium term decision-making in the Bangkok/ESB corridor.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

The National Study : The study is quite broad and strategic in nature, and considers HSR potential for the country as a whole.  The National portion of the study examined alternative rail routes throughout Thailand, and examined alternative HSR technologies.

The Eastern Seaboard Study :

  • Analysis of alternative HSR routes
  • Development of route profiles
  • More detailed cost estimates based on estimated quantities
  • Development of HSR train operations plans and schedules
  • Surveys of car and bus passengers
  • Analysis of existing highway and bus transportation systems in the corridor
  • Analysis of alternative HSR fare levels
  • HSR ridership estimation
  • Life cycle HSR cost and revenues analysis
  • Financial viability analysis
  • Economic feasibility analysis
  • ESB accessibility analysis
  • Environmental and social implications analysis
  • Institutional and implementation options analysis