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The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has determined to improve the capacity of the railways by upgrading the main lines to double tracks, since single line operation has limited capacity and restricts the number of trains and traffic density.  In particular it is intended to relieve the roads of commuter traffic by improving access to the outlying areas around Bangkok and encouraging decentralization of population into urban communities outside Bangkok.  The Package 1 is to construct an additional track on the existing double track section from Klong Rangsit Station (Km 28+551) to Ban Pachi (Km 89+980), a total distance of 61 km.

The main construction works of this Project include earthwork, railway bridges, trackworks, drainage system, station building, relocation of existing signal plant and diversion of utilities, etc. in one construction package.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

The services required from the Consultant are in two phases of distinct roles which are in sequence.

Part I  :  Expert Advisory Role in Tender Management prior to award of the construction contract.

Part II :  Engineer’s Representative for the Construction Contract.

  • Construction supervision of civil and structure works
  • Check shop drawings
  • Prepare Monthly Progress Report
  • Check Monthly Construction Payment
  • Supervision of rail welding and tracklaying