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Project Detail



Extension of Construction of new rail track along side with the existing single track from the end of track doubling project (Package 1) at Phachi Junction to Lop Buri for the railway line to the North of Thailand.  The approximate track length of the contract is 43 km.  Once completed will help facilitate train operation for passengers/commuters and freight transportation in linking between Bangkok and the other parts of the country.  The new track is of 1,000 mm.  Gauge, BS 100A rail for main line on concrete sleepers designed for 20 tons axle. Load for the maximum train speed of 120 km./hr. with the provision of turnout 1:12 for BS 80 A rail siding tracks in all station area.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

The Services provided by the “PHASTP” Group shall include but not be necessarily limited to giving the consultation and advices, inspection of works and testing, project management and project monitoring/measuring for interim payment and progress, recommend to the client (SRT) for the approval of payment, variation order, contract deviations, contractor’s design, acceptance of works and issuance of completion certificates for works undertaken as briefed for the main subjects as below:

  1. Inspection and testing of embankment fill of 400,000 m3.
  2. Driving of concrete pile 400 mm. square 30,000 m.
  3. Bored pile ø 800 mm. 3,500 m.
  4. Reinforced concrete slab bridge, span length between 5.0 m. to 9.0 m. for 11 nos. with total length of 82 m., 12 & 16 m. span steel trough girder for 1 no. each, and 1 no. of 35 m. span steel truss bridge.
  5. 2,000 m. of ø 0.60 m. pipe culverts, 46,000 m. U and V ditch installation for tracks drain.
  6. 15,000 m2. new station platform construction.
  7. Installation of 4,600 & 800 tonnes of BS 100 & BS 80 A rail with 91,000 no. of concrete sleepers.
  8. And etc.