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Project Detail



The objective of the project is to review, revise and integrate the existing MRT Master Plan, LRT Feeder System, urban rail transportation and bus systems and recommend a New MRT Master Plan together with feeder systems.  Work also include appropriate connection to inter-city rail transportation systems to form integrated networks.  Major activities carried out in the project are as follows; review previous MRT and rail transportation studies, review and assess regional and sub-regional centers transportation requirements, review and assess inter-city and urban bus transportation systems, forecast traffic on proposed systems, determine technology and capacity requirements, determine planning framework for SRT improvement projects, prepare initial environmental evaluations, conduct initial economic and financial evaluations, recommend for MRT master plan revision and prioritization together with investment schemes.  Another important work is to prepare Specific Plan and Design Evaluation for Bangkok Southern Transport Center at Talat Phlu which will be the center for intermodal of various transportation systems, e.g. Mae Klong Railway Line, MRT Blue Line Southern Extension, BTS (Green Line) Western Extension, SRT (Red Line) Southern Line, inter-city bus terminal and other transport modes.  Work also include preparation of an implementing strategy and program including relevant responsible agencies and investment funding sources.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

  • Assist the Project Manager in general management of technical and administrative works especially coordination with authorities and preparation of reports and seminars
  • Topographic survey along alignments and at the Bangkok Southern Transport Center
  • Preparing ROW Plan and assess of acquired lands and buildings
  • Estimation of land acquisition and compensation costs
  • Assess regional and sub-regional center transport requirements in order to integrate public transport systems with regional developments
  • Prepare specific plan and design evaluation for the Bangkok Southern Transport Center
  • Participate in finding and recommendation for master plan revision