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Project Detail



The MRTA Initial System Project is a heavy rail rapid transit system covering a route of approximately 20 km. With 18 stations, running from Hua Lamphong to Bang Sue.  The system is fully underground, with an at-grade depot (approximately 300 rai) located in the centre of the route at Huai Khwang Station, construction will include building services, and environmental control systems.  A park and ride facility of approximately 2,200 cars will be located at the intersection of Lat Phrao Road and Ratchadaphisek Road.

The scope of works are design and construction of the following infrastructure facilities :

Contract No. 1 Underground Structures – South (awarded to CSC1)
Contract No. 2 Underground Structures – North (awarded to CSC1)
Contract No. 3 Depot
Contract No. 4 Trackwork
Contract No. 5 Lifts and Escalators (awarded to CSC1)

The Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC2) is responsible for supervision and monitoring of the following Design and Construction Contracts :

Contract No. 3 Depot
Contract No. 4 Trackwork

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

The Deputy Project Manager is responsible for assisting the Project Manager in coordinating and administering the project.  He will represent the Project Manager as delegated and will establish and maintain liaison with MRTA and MPMC to ensure that they are fully informed of the programme for the works and any difficulties encountered.  He will assist in the design coordination and approval process with regard to utility agencies, traffic police and other related Government authorities.  He will coordinate with all parties in assisting MRTA in the preparation of public relations information and report on the Contractor’s work site requirements and availability.

The Deputy Project Manager will evaluate and make recommendations on Employer or Contractor proposals for sub contracting part of the Works.  He will assist the Employer in reviewing operation and maintenance training programmes and procedures, make recommendations for witnessing tests for materials, plant and equipment in Thailand and offshore, and if instructed by the Employer, arrange for the witnessing or reporting of such tests.