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Project Detail



The purpose of this project is to produce a conceptual plan for the implementation of the Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan (MRT Master Plan).  The MRT Master Plan includes extensions to the existing MRT project along with new MRT lines which together will provide efficient, safe, regular and reliable movement of passengers and relieve traffic congestion in the whole of the Greater Bangkok Area.

The objectives of the Conceptual MRT Implementation Master Plan Project Services are to formulate definitive horizontal and vertical alignments and recommend construction methods for the new MRT lines identified in the MRT Master Plan and to produce mandatory stipulations, requirements and design guidelines for these lines.  The project will not include the existing MRT systems, except where their design has been changed in accordance with the Government’s desire for only underground systems in the inner 25 square km. core area of Bangkok.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

Consulting services include an Initial Environmental Evaluation; definition of rights of way to facilitate land acquisition; formulation of definitive horizontal and vertical alignments of selected routes; preparation of a report on Construction Techniques; conducting a bi-lingual seminar for Government Officials and Bodies; conducting 2 bilingual public seminars; arranging 2 group and other individual short visits to comparable transit systems and construction method sites in Asia, Europe or the Americas; preparation of outline cost estimates for the construction of each route, land procurement and operating and maintenance; conducting an economic review to asses the costs and benefits of the proposed transit routes; examination of funding options including both Government and/or private participation.