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  • Mass Repid Transit

Project Detail



Reviewed the feasibility study for economic and engineering, survey and detailed design including environmental study for the development of Red Line Mass Transit: Bang Sue-Phayathai-Makkasan from Bang Sue station, intermediate stations to Makkasan station, which connecting with suburban mass transit section:  Makkasan-Hua Mak-Chashoengsao and the development of Red Line Mass Transit: Bang Sue-Hua Lam Phong from Bang Sue station to Yot Se station connecting to mass transit section: Hua Lam Phong-mahachai for the preparation of detailed design drawings and tender documents for the construction.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

  1. Review ananlyze and evaluate the study concerned policy and propose preliminary design to he sected suitable option including investment plan.
    • Review the previous studies concerned with the project.
    • Review and analyze overview of red line mass transit network.
    • Review and study a suitable options of red line at Chitralada station.
    • Review and study other options (Elevated /at-grade/under ground).
    • Review and study location of stations.
    • Review and analyze rider ship and train operation.
    • Study and investment plan for infrastructure and train operation.
    • Study the train operation and the future of Hua Lam Phong station
    • Study alternative routes for Airport Air Link extension.
  2. Survey and Detailed Design and preparation of tender document for red line mass transit sections: Bang Sue-Phayathai-makkasan and Bang Sue-Hua Lam Phong.
    • Topographic survey and mapping.
    • Preparation of plan and information for land acquisition.
    • Soil investigation.
    • Indicate train operation system.
    • Detailed design for track work.
    • Detailed design for signaling and communication.
    • Detailed design for station.
    • Recommend/Modification/Detailed Design for Makkasan Complex.
    • Detailed design for local road, section Bang Sue-Hua Lam Phong.
    • Preparation of Construction Specifications and Equipment Specifications.
    • Cost Estimation.
    • Preparation of construction schedule.
    • Preparation of operation plan and rescue procedure.
    • Preparation of tender documents.
    • Preparation of draft specification and scope of work and evaluation criteria to employ the consultant for bidding evaluation, construction management and construction supervision.
  3. Environmental/Study, Public Participation and Public Relations.
    • Review the previous studies.
    • Study additional environmental impact.
    • Proceed with public participation.
    • Proceed with public relations of the project.
    • Additional analyze the previous EIA report.
  4. Technology Transfer.
    • Set up the technical seminar for the project.
    • Set up the technical training and technology study.