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Project Detail

Detailed Engineering Design of Pracha Rat Utis Road-Rattanakosin 200 Years Road, Samut Prakan Province

Detailed Narrative Descriptive of Project :


This road is parallel to Bang Na – Bang Pakong Road and is about 2-4 km north.  The route alignment starts at Pracha Rat Utis Road (Wat King Kaew Road), to the southeast to intersect Wat Sri Wari Noi Road to merge Rattanakosin 200 Years Road within the right-of-way of 40 m. for a total length of 16.60 km.     

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

·         Undertake topographic survey and prepare key map in appropriate scale.

·         Review the road type and construction method and technology.

·         Study the traffic impact at the project area and surrounding area.

·         Survey and collect traffic data, undertake traffic forecast and level of service analysis.

·         Undertake preliminary design of route alignment and road type.

·         Undertake public relations and public participation activities according to the Rule of the Office of the Prime Minister on Public Consultation, B.E.2548.

·         Study returns and investment risk, undertake Initial Environmental Examination and final survey.

·         Undertake the design of roadworks, intersection, interchange, bridge structure and other structures.

·         Undertake the design of pavement structure and analysis of embankment stability and settlement.

·         Study of hydrological characteristics and analysis of drainage conditions in the project area.

·         Undertake architectural design and landscape design of the project.

·         Design to prevent potential risk of accident according to high standard and international standards.

·         Undertake soil and material investigation, the design of electrical system and equipment installation in the project.

·         Arrange meetings, co-ordinate with agencies concerned and investigate utilities within the right-of-way that need to be relocated or reconstructed.

·         Co-ordinate with and apply for permission from relevant agencies.

·         Prepare right-of-way plan, bill of quantity, estimate construction cost, prepare construction schedule and tender documents.

Prepare an innovation project and project to strengthen knowledge to the Department of Rural Roads’ personnel.