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Project Detail


Typical Design of Dredging for berth box, turning basin, navigation channel with the total dredging volume of 1.4 Million CU.M. and typical design of NFC terminal quay structure to accommodate 100,000 DWT. Vessel.  The typical design of the wharf structure is deck on pile type with steel pipe pile  1,000 mm. and  700 mm.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

1.  Dredging Work
• Bathymetric survey at the berth box, turning basin and navigation channel.
• Seismic survey for sub bottom profile to indicated rock layer.
• Study, review and investigate the suitable navigation channel.
• Typical design for dredging sections and estimate dredging volume.
• Preparation of dredging schedule
2.  Typical Design for wharf structure
• Survey, Study and data collection for oceanographic such as current, wave and water level.
• Survey, study the characteristic soil at the near wharf area.
• Typical design for new wharf.
• Preliminary cost estimation for new wharf construction.
• Preparation of new wharf construction schedule.