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Project Detail


From the results of the study on the Seventh Plan for Urban and Regional Transport (SPURT), there were various recommendations on the development of transportation plans in order to solve the aggravating traffic problems in Bangkok and adjacent Metropolitan Region.  While recognising the large-scale projects such as the rapid mass transit, expressways and major roads, the study proposed the construction of distributor roads and missing links in Nonthaburi and north of Bangkok to support the other major projects.  The concerned distributor roads under this Project comprise 4 routes namely :

  • Nonthaburi Bypass
  • Nonthaburi Bypass - Sanambin Nam Road
  • Sanambin Nam Road - Second Stage Expressway
  • Pak Kret Bypass

Works also included the detailed design of :

  • Ferry Station at Rama VI Bridge
  • Ferry Station at Nonthaburi

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

  1. Feasibility Study on economic, engineering and environmental impact in order to select the most viable alignment on each route as mentioned above.
  2. Detailed engineering design of the selected alignments.
  3. Land acquisition survey.