Project Detail


  • With extensive expansion of social and economic in the border cities of Thailand, the existing utilities should be developed to accommodate the next 20 years growth of community especially in the municipality area.
  • The purposes of the project are to prepare the master plan and feasibility study of basic infrastructure development such as roads and bridges, drainage and flood prevention systems, garbage collection and disposal systems, water supply systems, specific development such as harbours in the selected municipalities of 5 provinces (Tak, Ranong, Songkhla, Yala and Narathiwat).

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

  • To study and forecast physical, social and economic aspects such as population, tourism, landuse, rainfall, topography, geology etc. in the study area.
  • To study of solid waste production and management.
  • To study utilities system such as road network, drainage and flood protection, water supply, sewerage, power supply, lighting etc.
  • To study performance of the existing harbours.
  • To perform feasibility study of the development of basic infrastructures.
  • To propose master plan and development action plan of basic infrastructure including priority investment project.